Earthwool® glasswool insulation. Acoustic Wall. 75x430mm Insulation. 14kg/m³

$105.00 inc GST

Knauf Earthwool Glasswool Insulation. Acoustic 75x430mm Insulation. 14kg/m³

50 Year Warranty

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Made using recycled glass and with ECOSE® Technology.

12 m2 Area

Segment. 430mm Width, 1160mm Length, Thickness 75mm


Earthwool® glasswool insulation is a high performance glasswool insulation product with combined energy saving, sound absorbing and fire resistance features. The natural brown colour of Earthwool glasswool insulation comes from the use of revolutionary ECOSE® Technology. Earthwool glasswool insulation provides installers and home-owners with unrivalled benefits not associated with traditional glasswool or polyester:

– Compression packed to reduce handlingKnauf Earthwool Brand

– Non-combustibility – it cannot catch fire

– ‘Super-soft’ glasswool for easier installation – virtually itch free

– Low dust

– No added artificial colour – it’s naturally brown

– No chemical smell

– No added phenol or formaldehyde for enhanced indoor air comfort


Earthwool glasswool insulation represents a new benchmark for sustainability in construction in New Zealand.

Additional Information

Weight 12.6 kg
Dimensions 1200 x 450 x 600 mm
Insulation Thickness